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A Sekar asked 3 months ago

After 30 days of adding Bokashi precompost in soil factory, there is lot of muggots seen. I broken down the lumps and mixed it well. The soil is little watered. After mixing up, added a layer of dry soil. Is that OK or how can we get away from muggots.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 months ago

We recommend that you empty out the soil factory, clean it, and start again using the suggestions in our last reply.

Palo answered 4 days ago

Are maggots bad for a soil factory? I saw tiny red millipede looking bugs. Healthy small and big maggots. To be honest, I for some reason took the sign of maggots as a good sign. I live in Phoenix, Arizona – the soil in my area is river bed soil, which tends to be dry and clayey. Never a sign of life you might find in loamy soil like works et al. That said, should I be concerned with the maggots?

Nick Kiss answered 2 days ago

The maggots are a result of food waste added to the garden without being properly fermented first. They should go away once the food waste is exhausted. In future, be sure your bokashi bran has been stored properly and is less than 1.5 years old. If your bokashi bran is viable, there should be no rotting happening, and as a result no maggots either.

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