Just found out that white mold is ok. Should I add it back to the bin?

Bokashi CommunityCategory: bokashi composting questionsJust found out that white mold is ok. Should I add it back to the bin?
Rose asked 2 years ago

I was dismayed because after a week in the bin, my first layer of scraps were being covered with white mold. I scooped it all out, set it aside in a bag with a few cups of excess potting soil, and washed the bin.
By the way, the bin had no tea; the bin was completely dry.  
Also, the smell was strong but (thankfully) not unpleasant. 
Trying to find out more about what I thought was a mishap, I stumbled on a post at this site that explains the white mold is ok.
But do I now add the first layer back to the bin, reincarnated as layer #2, or do I dig a deep hole outside to bury it? (Again, I put it in a bag with excess potting soil, 2-3 cups.)
In addition to occasional bears, bobcats, and racoons, we have a heavy varmint problem in our neighborhood. I do not want to needlessly attract more of these. Houses are close, maybe 60-90 feet from each other (i.e., this is not the boonies).

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes white mold is a healthy part of the bokashi process! Rather than put it back in the bin, since you’ve already mixed soil into it we would suggest you dig it directly in your garden.
Soil in the bokashi bin stands the chance to clog the bokashi bin spigot… The bokashi tea is a byproduct of what you’ve put in the bin, so sometimes there is more of it and sometimes less. But in the end, invariably it does come at some point.

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