Is only 15 day fermentation good enough?

FAQsCategory: bokashi composting questionsIs only 15 day fermentation good enough?
Mrudula Mangalvedhekar asked 10 months ago

I am putting the whole apartment building’s kitchen waste in the Bokashi Bin. My bin gets full in 2 days as opposed to 10-12 days required for normal single household.In this case also only 15 day fermentation good enough or should we keep it for more time?

1 Answers
Nicki Casley Staff answered 10 months ago

This is a good question. We recommend in this case that you let the bin sit and ferment for up to an extra week. Its not at all essential to do this, but it will ensure a more complete fermentation, and as a result, a slightly better pre-compost.

But if you are in a hurry to empty the bin, then two weeks will still be fine, go ahead and bury it. It will simply take up to an extra week to assimilate into the soil web if it is not fully fermented, that’s all.