Is draining absolutely necessary?

Bokashi CommunityCategory: bokashi composting questionsIs draining absolutely necessary?
Jim asked 2 years ago

Hello there,

I wanted to know if someone can help explain why the leachate MUST be drained. For me, I have found that other than opening and closing to add more scraps and bran, it seems that I am mostly introducing oxygen to the system at times when I am draining the run-off. Wouldn’t the system remain anaerobic, possibly even more-so than if I continued draining it, by some of the liquid filling any voids toward the bottom where air may be trapped?

I am trying to determine why draining this liquid makes the process/lactobacillus propensity or dominance over other microorganisms/fermentation run more efficiently. Thanks for any guidance your team can offer!

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

As long as the tea does not build up so that it comes into contact with the food waste in the bin, you are fine to leave it there.  We find that when it comes into contact with the food waste, it can compromise the quality of the process and the resulting compost.

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