Kim Lamberson asked 12 months ago

My daughter gave us some accelerator. Ive poured some in with my raw veg and leaves in my composter with legs twirling it every few days. Doesnt seem like anything is breaking down…

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 12 months ago

Bokashi bran helps to break down your compost pile by adding all of the essential microbes that your compost pile (and garden) need. Look closely at your pile and you should see signs of the bokashi bran at work with loads of fungal and hyphae growth.

Remember, bokashi microbes are anaerobic, which means they ideally need to avoid contact with air. The bokashi bran should be added to the middle (or bottom) of your compost pile and your pile should not be turned for at least 4-5 days after adding bokashi bran. This will give the bokashi microbes time to multiply and re-activate your compost pile.

You say that you have been twirling your compost regularly. Try leaving your pile untouched for a few days to let the bokashi microbes have a more anaerobic environment.

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