How to Use the Same Trench Over Again

FAQsCategory: bokashi composting questionsHow to Use the Same Trench Over Again
Lisa Marlin asked 4 months ago

Maybe I’m just being dense but if I put my pre-compost in a trench and then use the finished compost for fertilizing my garden, isn’t all the soil that I covered it with now gone? Or does it remain a layer on top of the compost that I take off, then dig out the compost? Hope that makes sense, but I cannot wrap my head around this!

1 Answers
Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 months ago

The bokashi pre-compost will be mixed in and assimilated with the soil around it. If you want to re-use the trench, then you will need to leave enough soil in the trench to mix in the next bucket of bokashi pre-compost. Alternatively, you could add your bokashi pre-compost in small holes directly into the areas of your garden where you want the finished compost.