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JOHAN DU TOIT asked 6 months ago

Bought the whole package and made my first Bokashi bucket a week ago so 1 week to go before tapping of the tea
I only have a potted flower garden and thought it would be great to add nutrients as potted plants lose their nutrients very fast because of leeching ( my opinion dont know if it is correct)

So my question is how often can I water(feed) my potted plants with the bokashi tea for optimum effect?


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Nicki Casley Staff answered 6 months ago

Usually you can apply the tea once every third watering or so.  Remember to dilute the tea down at least 100 to 1 with water first, as this reduces the acidity.  And you can tell how your plants are responding by looking at their leaves.  If the leaves begin to look sad or unhealthy, then cut back on the amount you are giving them.

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