How do I know when it's "ready"

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Tanya J Trost asked 3 years ago

How do I know when it’s ready to go into the garden. I left my bin for nearly 4 weeks, when I went to transfer it into the garden the scraps still looked like they did when I put them in there. What should it look like, how do I know it’s ready? 

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Nick Kiss answered 3 years ago

All it takes is 2 to 3 weeks for the food in your bin to become ready for transplanting to your garden.  Visibly the food waste will look mostly unchanged, but chemically and physically it is now very different.  During these 2 to 3 weeks it has been fermented, and it is now ready for easy digestion and rapid assimilation by the soil biota (the garden macrobes and microbes).
Waiting 4 weeks as you have will simply mean that the food waste is even more fermented.  No worries there at all!

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