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Rachel asked 3 weeks ago

I know that bugs in the compost are healthy for the soil factory, but I want to use the soil for house plants and I don’t want to bring the bugs (flies, ants, etc.).  We’re moving from a house with a garden (where we keep our soil factory) to an apartment (with a small balcony). I don’t want to bring insects into our new place. What should I do? 

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Nick Kiss answered 3 weeks ago

Interesting question!  And yes, of course you dont want to unnecessarily introduce bugs into your house.  But remember, your house plants work on the same system as outdoor plants.  Meaning that microbial and macrobial life (all the life in good healthy garden soil), play a very important role in plant health and vitality.  Indeed, root structures depend on microbes in order to feed themselves.  Our suggestion is that you do continue to bring this material into your houseplants, but just do so on a smaller level.  Bring the compost in in very small quantities, and make sure that it is well composted before you do.  Best is to mix a little of the compost (yes with some bugs in it) with some garden or potting soil, and sprinkle that around the plants in your house/balcony.  In effect, you’re diluting it with garden soil to reduce the volume of bugs.  If the compost is finished off nicely, there should be no flies worth worrying about, but all the other life in there will actually help your plants.  And because there is no other fresh organic material present in your house plant pots, that life wont multiply.  Instead, it will live for a time, then die off – all for the benefit of the plant roots.  This is nature at work!

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