Lindsay asked 5 years ago

Is bokashi bran gluten free? I have celiac disease and don’t want non GF substances in my kitchen or in my soil.

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Nick Kiss answered 1 year ago

As an above reply suggests, you can use any dry carbon source to manufacture bokashi.  The carbon source is simply a vehicle to carry the microbes.  

Paul G. answered 11 months ago

I’m a pharmacist, a neophyte composter, and have an anaphylactic reaction to wheat and soy.  I too was concerned at first glance that wheat bran bokashi might have a negative effect.   Physically, I keep my bokashi outside, sprinkle only in the outside bucket, and not in my kitchen bucket.  Now, the chemistry fact is…no gluten related protein will be conveyed into my soil or the crops grown.  It will be reduced to its 4 elemental components, or 29 Carbons, 45 Hydrogens, 5 Nitrogen’s and 8 Oxygens.   

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