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Angela Lillico asked 4 months ago

I have ordered a Bokashi unit and am awaiting its arrival. While I am waiting I am freezing all my veggie scraps so I will have something to compost when I get the unit. After I thaw the scraps, would I be able to layer it all with the bran, in 1”-2” layers until the unit is full? I am expecting the unit sometime in April so I have a couple of months of saving ahead of me.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 months ago

Yes, thats a great idea to store your food waste in the freezer until your bins arrive. This will not present any problem for the process. Thaw the material out before adding it to your bokashi bin first. Also, because you may fill the bin really quickly this way (as opposed to usually over a period of a week or two) it will be good to let the bin sit for a 3 week ferment rather than the usual 2 weeks. This will allow for a more complete fermentation.

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