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Shar asked 3 months ago

Hi! I have seen a question regarding freezing and defrosting left overs prior to placing in Bokashi bin. My question is do I have to defrost before I placed it in the bin? or just placed it frozen? then add the bran? one person answered it may be prone to rotting if boiled/melting?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 months ago


Thanks for your question. Freezing your food waste is a great way of preventing it putrifying before you add it to your bokashi bin therefore stopping it introducing unwanted bacteria to your bin.

We would recommend that you defrost the food waste before adding it to your bokashi bucket. Firstly, bokashi microbes prefer room temperature and therefore we would not recommend adding the bokashi bran directly to frozen food. Secondly, by defrosting the food waste you are able to spread it more evenly in the bokashi bucket and get a better coverage of the bokashi bran throughout the food waste.

Thanks and happy composting