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Ellie Davis asked 12 months ago

Hello, I watched a video from your website just now and it appears that the Bokashi should smell different than it does here. It is truly gut curling offensive smelling. Is that an indication that something is wrong?
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nick kiss answered 12 months ago

Keeping in mind that smells are relative… Generally, no, it should certainly not smell gut curling offensive.  If it does, then perhaps pay closer attention to the basics:  chopping the food waste a bit smaller, ensuring the bin lid is sealed, keep the bin out of direct sunlight or excessive heat, and ensure an even mixing of the bokashi bran into the food waste.
If you pay attention to the above, and still find the smell offensive, then we would suggest that perhaps your bokashi bran is not viable.  This could be the result of it being too old, or being stored incorrectly.
The last possibility is that you have not used enough of the bokashi bran.  You could try adding a bit more and see if the smell improves for you.

Veena Parekh answered 11 months ago

Following on this question, I had that good layer of white mold on top of my fermented Bokashi, but when I dumped it out into the trench it smelled pretty pungent, not pleasant. It wasn’t the worst smell ever but it was not the “sweet sour” smell your site says it should be. It’s still in the trench, all covered up now – should I remove it or see what happens? It’s my first Bokashi batch and I did leave it in the sun at first. What happens if it’s rotten and not properly fermented and it stays in the ground?

Janine answered 10 months ago

I have the same question and have had the same experience (white mold but not pleasant smell). I think the not-pleasant smell of mine came about from not draining often enough. However, I actually run my scraps through a blender and add probably at least double the recommended bran usage each time.
I’m not sure if I should just dispose of the soil factory? It still smells, even buried in dirt after 2 weeks. I only have about 2 inches of dirt for top coverage. The odorous part of my batch is at the top of my soil factory with the emptying of my bokashi bin process. 

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