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Rachel M asked 3 weeks ago

Three questions: 1) I’ve noticed that my soil factory has been infested with black soldier flies. How do I get rid of them so I can use my soil for indoor plants? 2) What causes a soil factory to fail and 3) How can I tell if my soil factory has failed? Thank you!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 weeks ago


Thanks for your questions.
1. Black soldier fly larvae are actually fantastic composters and a natural part of composting. They aren’t always attracted to a soil factory, especially one where the pre-compost is breaking down quickly. However, you don’t need to worry if they are in your soil factory. They will help break down the bokashi pre-compost and once all the waste is assimilated into the soil factory they will move on. Adult black soldier flies are not a nuisance to us as the flies do not eat, so they are not attracted to our food.

2. The most common reason for a soil factory to fail is too much moisture. Do you have holes in the bottom of your soil factory? If you are not able to allow the soil factory to drain then you can add dry material, such as torn up newspaper, to your soil factory to soak up some of the excess moisture.

3. Smell is the best way to tell if your soil factory is struggling. If you notice a foul, rotting smell, then you can add an extra handful or two of bokashi bran (and some dry materials if the soil factory seems wet), give the soil factory a good mix through and then finish with a few inches of good garden soil. Leave for another 2-4 weeks and the life in the soil should finish the composting process for you.

Happy composting 🙂

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