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Dinah asked 4 years ago

I live alone and do not produce tons of food waste. If I take longer than 2 weeks to fill my bin, is that okay? How often should I drain the tea if it does take a while to fill the bin?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 years ago

If you don’t fill your bin every 2 weeks, don’t worry. You have two options:

1. Continue to add food waste and bokashi bran until your bin is full (the fermenting food waste can stay in your bokashi bucket for longer than the minimum of 2 weeks).

2. After 2 weeks, cover your food waste in your first bucket and start working on your next bokashi bucket. To prevent air getting to your fermenting food waste make sure to cover with a plastic bag, piece of cardboard or kitchen plate.

Your preferred option will likely depend on how quickly you want to add the pre-compost to your soil and start seeing the benefits of your bokashi compost in your garden.

For the bokashi tea, you should drain it every day or two throughout.

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