Fermented Bokashi Not Assimilating Into Soil

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Jay O'Shea asked 4 months ago

I have my fermented bokashi in buckets as I do not have a yard. I have “sandwiched” the bokashi between layers of soil. I have left the mixture for about a month. The bokashi has not broken down. In most of the buckets, the bokashi is still completely separate from the soil. In one, the bokashi has broken down but emits a sour, somewhat foul odor. Should I be mixing the bokashi into the soil in order to get it to break down properly?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 months ago

It is important that your mix the bokashi pre-compost (the fermented food waste) well with the first layer of soil, before adding the top few inches of soil to the soil factory. You need to make sure that any large lumps of bokashi pre-compost are broken up. Give your soil factories a thorough mix through. Add a couple of inches of fresh soil (as you may have brought some of the bokashi pre-compost to the surface) and leave for a couple more weeks.