Fallen leaves

Sandi asked 3 years ago

We have tons of fallen leaves from mango and talisay trees. Can I compost them without kitchen scraps? Thank you.

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Nick Kiss answered 3 years ago

The bokashi bucket is best suited to compost food scraps only. 
For yard material, like your fallen leaves, we recommend making a regular compost pile with them.  As you make the pile, sprinkle a few handfuls of bokashi bran throughout the pile, and then mist the pile with water until it is moist.  Used this way, the bokashi bran will quickly accelerate the composting process. 
It is benneficial also to cover the pile with a plastic sheet, or tarp, and weigh down the edges so that the pile is as airtight as possible.  While not strictly necessary, this will speed up the process.
Happy composting from the folks at Bokashi Living

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