EMs and rain

Dawn asked 2 years ago

I live in rainy Vancouver, but the weather has been decent lately. I have a lot of yard waste from last season and I was curious if I could use EMs to help break down the plant matter that’s there?! 
Or will the rain that might come, just wash it away?! I use pots and beds on legs. 
If I cant use this during the rain, how does that work when watering during the hot summer months?!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes you can use the liquid EM as a compost starter.  In the milder climate of Vancouver, the moderate winter temps will slow the microbes down but not kill them completely.  They will still multiply and come springtime the material will be ready faster, and also be healthier, than otherwise.  As the microbes attach to and feed on organic matter, the rain (and when you water) will not wash them away for the most part.

Dawn Daunais replied 2 years ago

Thanks Nick, that’s what I thought but was being told otherwise in a FB group. Thank you so much for this forum and your fast response.

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