Gabrielle asked 3 years ago

When the fermenting process in the composting bin is interrupted due to freezing weather, does it restart again once it warms up?

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Nick Kiss answered 3 years ago

Colder temperatures will slow the microbes down.  And when it warms up, yes the microbes will continue.  But once the temperatures gets much below freezing for more than a few days, most of the bokashi microbes will die and wont come back.  For this reason we recommend that during the colder months you put the fermented bokashi deeper into the ground, or preferably into your compost pile (if you have one).  These two places will rarely get cold enough to completely stop the microbes, and both places have many other garden microbes that will benefit from the introduction of the bokashi microbes.   In fact, adding the fermented bokashi to a compost pile is the best way to keep the compost pile healthy during the winter months.  Come spring-time, you will notice a vast improvement in the quality and speed of the pile than otherwise. From Nick and the team at Bokashi Living

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