Aya asked 2 years ago

I have a very small space I can dedicate to dog poop bakashiing. I am wondering if I can divid the space in 4 and rotate A→B→C→D→A an so on. Can I dig the same place after 6 months (or however it takes to fill up all A, B, C, and D)? For this reason I don\\\’t see I can plant anything because I\\\’m constantly disturbing the soil. Am I supposed to harvest the finished soil like regular compost and move it to my flower beds? 

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the question. Yes, you can rotate the 4 areas, as you suggest. However, I see your concern about regularly disturbing the areas. If you would prefer, you can use a smaller area and then harvest the finished soil when the waste has broken down. You would need to allocate at least two areas for this; one to be adding the dog waste to and the other for the waste to be breaking down. The size of the areas will depend on how much waste your dog(s) produce.
Happy composting 

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