Degassing during the composting process

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Ella asked 7 years ago

When you bury the fermented matter into the ground, does this produce gases as it decomposes? How is it different from traditional composting processes… is it not anaerobic like when food waste goes to the landfill? Thanks!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Ella,

I know that I have answered this over on our Facebook page already but thought I would repeat the answer here so that others can see it (and add their own comments) as it is such a good question and one I have been looking into.

There is surprisingly little research about how much greenhouse gas the bokashi pre-compost emits once it is buried in the soil. As such, there are lots of conflicting view points. It is fairly widely accepted that the fermentation process itself does not emit greenhouse gases. It is also fairly widely accepted that hot composting emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases (in the form of carbon dioxide and methane). However, there is less agreement on the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted from cold composting and buried bokashi compost.

This is a topic that I am currently doing lots of research on as sustainability and carbon footprints are important to me.

I would love to hear if you are able to dig up any strong scientific evidence one way or the other.

I will update this answer if I dig up (pun intended!) any more information and there will be a blog post about it one of these days… when I have had time to research it more thoroughly. Watch this space!

Catie answered 1 year ago

Hi Nicki,
I was wondering if you now know the answer to this.

Ashley Rider answered 1 year ago

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