Mara asked 9 months ago

Hello! I just received my bokashi set and am excited to try this style. I have been using the traditional method for a year now. In my traditional compost I have been successful with composting egg cartons (the non-plastic kind). I recently had a party where sadly we ran out of plates (due to too many breaking) so someone brought me “compostable paper plates”. Is it okay to add egg cartons and compostable paper plates to the bokashi system? Thanks!

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 9 months ago

The bokashi microbes thrive on the sugars and carbohydrates that are in food
waste. So, non food waste items like these, while they won’t harm the bokashi
process, they will not be a food source for the microbes. This means that these
items will pass through the bokashi bin largely unchanged. And it will take time
in your garden for any breakdown to occur. Accordingly, our advice is to leave
these non food materials out of your bokashi bin if you want to optimize the
quality of your compost.

Mara answered 9 months ago

Thank you for the fast response! This was very helpful.

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