Compost worms and acid

Phaedra asked 4 years ago

I’ve always been told that worms don’t like acidic foods in compost, do they avoid the bokashi waste?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 4 years ago

You are correct thtat worms typically don’t like acidic foods in the compost and bokashi fermentation is an acidic process. The pH of the final bokashi product can be around pH 3-4; fairly acidic.

However, bokashi pre-compost can be added directly to a wormery. In fact, many people have found that the worms love the bokashi food waste. The bokashi pre-compost is full of bokashi microbes that have worked on the food waste to make it soft and have started breaking it down. It may take the worms a few days to get used to the bokashi pre-compost. However, after adding bokashi pre-compost to the worm bin it breaks down in very little time.

You can find more information in this blog post:

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