Can't bury fermented scraps…

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Sue Roby Perkins asked 2 years ago

can I lay the fermented scraps atop soil (poor & rocky) and cover with mulch instead of burying it? Will it attract the wild creatures?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

You can do this, and it may or may not attract rodents.  It depends on how curious or aggressive your rodents are, and how much mulch you put on top.  By all means try!  We suggest that instead of laying the fermented scraps down on top of your poor and rocky soil, you mix it in as much as you can.  Even a little bit will help.  This will help it assimilate into the soil structure better.  And if your soil is already very depleted, then consider adding some fresh healthy soil or compost as well.  The more fresh life you can add the better, as this will greatly speed up your soil rebuilding process.

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