Can weeds be put into bokashi?

FAQsCategory: bokashi composting questionsCan weeds be put into bokashi?
Melanie asked 10 months ago

I have a flower garden and regularly have some garden waste from taking out weeds. Could these weeds be put into the bokashi bin? Or do I then risk to spread the weeds once putting the fermented bokashi into the garden? In other words: does the fermenting kill weed seeds/roots?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 10 months ago

Yes, you can put weeds in your bokashi composter. The acidic environment in the bokashi bucket will kill any roots and seeds so you will not spread the weeds when you add the compost to your garden. If you are adding particularly troublesome weeds to your composter then we would suggest leaving it to ferment a couple of weeks longer to make sure that it is fully fermented and that all roots and seeds have been neutralized.
However,if your focus is on building healthy soils then you want to maximize the number of bokashi microbes in your fermented bin. Whilst weeds and all garden waste these are fine in the bokashi composter, they take up space and won’t add much value to your soil. We would typically recommend keeping these things out of you bokashi composter and saving space for your food waste; the highest value waste that will make the highest quality compost for your garden. You might find this blog post helpful for deciding what you want to put into your bokashi composter. Blog: What’s best to put in your bokashi composter?
Hope that is helpful. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have here.
Happy composting,
the Bokashi Living team