Can the ready compost be used as culture powder

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Mrudula Mangalvedhekar asked 5 months ago

In the soil factory method, fermented waste gets composted in the pot. Can this ready compost be used as a bokashi powder in the Bokashi bin?

1 Answers
Nicki Casley Staff answered 5 months ago

Your question makes sense: using the expanded microbes (contained in the bokashi compost) to inoculate fresh food waste in order to keep the process ongoing. Unfortunately it won’t work as the bokashi compost doesn’t contain enough microbes. So while the microbes that are present in the bokashi compost will indeed start to multiply on the fresh food waste, they won’t take over fast enough to out compete the rotting microbes that also want to take over the food waste. The result will be that the rotting microbes will win out, and the food will rot, instead of ferment. The bokashi bran, by comparison to bokashi compost, has an enormously stronger microbe content, thats why it works so effectively.

In addition, the microbe culture may change slightly during the fermentation process, with new microbes being introduced and the relative percentages of the different microbes changing. The bokashi bran is made using the EM mother culture and therefore contains closer match to the ideal microbe culture than the bokashi compost.