Can I use finished compost to revive my lawn?

Bokashi CommunityCategory: bokashi composting questionsCan I use finished compost to revive my lawn?
Kerry asked 2 years ago

I am completely new to composting and would like to try the Bokashi process instead of a regular worm compost. After reading your FAQs I am aware I will need to set up a soil factory, as I do not have a suitable place for the trench method/burying the fermented compost. I would like to use the finished product from the soil factory to revive my lawn – is it safe to spread this across my lawn and how much/how often should I do this? I also have 2 dogs who are ‘diggers’, and who obviously wee/poo on the lawn as well. As a result, even though we constantly pick up the mess and water the grass, there are patches that die off quicker than I can get them to regrow. Would the composted soil help with this? Also, would it be harmful to the dogs in any way once it’s spread on the grass? (They wouldn’t have access to the soil factory as I would choose a closed container method). I am very keen to be more environmentally friendly and recycle food waste (as our local council don’t provide any service for this), but if I cannot use it on my lawn I am worried I’ll just end up with loads of fertilised soil and nowhere to use it? I don’t have any potted plants as I can’t seem to keep anything alive, and hoping composting will help with that eventually too! Thank you

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for the questions. Yes, you can absolutely add the finished bokashi compost to your lawn. You can use the bokashi compost in the same way as any other sort of compost to top dress your lawn. You could either do the whole lawn once a year, or small patches as and when you have finished bokashi compost to use.
And yes, the bokashi compost will help patches of lawn that have been damaged by your dogs. Over time, the bokashi compost will help generate healthier soils which, in turn, will grow healthier grass. 
No part of the bokashi process is harmful to animals, so you do not need to be worried for your dogs. The bokashi microbes are in fact very healthy for our guts! The bokashi pre-compost is fairly acidic though, so if they were to get in to the soil factory or fermenting bokashi bucket they may end up with stomach ache; a bit like if you or I were to eat a whole jar of pickles 🙂
Hope that helps. Happy composting.

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