Can I Bokashi Compost dog waste?

Bokashi CommunityCan I Bokashi Compost dog waste?
Mark asked 7 years ago
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Brittney answered 4 years ago

When I ordered my kitchen compost system, I bought an extra bag of the bokashi bran to use for pet waste. I got a 5 gal bucket and found a screw top lid, cut holes in the sides and cut out the bottom. I add new waste every few days and sprinkle the top with the bran and add water. The level is not going down and my bucket is now full.. what have I done wrong??

Nicki Casley Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Brittney, Thanks for the question. You haven’t done anything wrong. The level of waste will go down slowly, depending on the life in the soil surrounding the bucket. It sounds like it is time to cover the waste with a few inches of healthy garden soil and relocate the bucket.
Happy composting 🙂

Devi answered 4 years ago

Hi Brittney.. you said you added water. Is that necessary for bokashi composting? I thought not.

Sergio answered 3 weeks ago

I have an inground worm tower where I just started putting all of my dogs poo. The area where I have the tower is surrounded by lots of mulch, therefore almost no water passes through to the soil. Is it needed to keep the soil moist for this to work?

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