Paul Morgan asked 6 years ago

Is the ‘Tea’ liquid from the bokashi composter full of the same bacteria as the bran, if it is can’t we simply buy bran and add the ‘Tea’ to it?

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the interesting question. Our bokashi bran is inoculated with EM. EM is a blend of Effective Microorganisms which have been selected to most efficiently ferment food waste. The blend of microorganisms in the bokashi tea will not be the same as those in the bran. Therefore using the tea to make your own bokashi bran will not give the same results.

If you are interested in making your own bran then we would recommend starting with the bokashi mother culture (EM). We do sell the mother culture and it will be posted on our online shop very shortly. In the meantime, if you’d like to buy some EM to make your own bokashi bran simply call our office at 604-618-5112.

Thanks and happy composting
Nicki and the Bokashi Living team

Paul Morgan answered 6 years ago

Hi Nicki, thank you for the fast reply, I would buy the EM culture from you, but expect the cost of postage to the UK a little high 🙂

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