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Jay B asked 3 years ago

I grow Microgreens in coconut coir only in small trays. However, I always endup throwing the left over coconut coir which still has roots intact after I’ve harevested the microgreens. Is it possible to put that waste in bokashi bin along with my kitchen waste.

The garden space I have is very small and covered in patio tiles so nowhere I can dig a trench to dump the contents after 2 weeks from the bin. Can I use the Bokashi waste to decompose it naturally along with soil (top-soil or potting mix) inside empty planters?

Does the bin need to be santinsed (for eg. with alcohol) or normal soap and water would do before I can re-use it?

Many thanks in advance.


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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Jay,
Thanks for your questions. We don’t suggest you add the coconut coir to your Bokashi bin.  While it won’t harm the process, there’s very little in the coconut coir for the Bokashi microbes to feed off of. This means that this material will pass through your Bokashi bin almost unchanged. 
Here is a link to our How To Make A Soil Factory blog post which you may find useful. It explains a good method for apartment/balcony composting.

How to make a simple soil factory

Your Bokashi bin does not need to be sanitized or washed with anything other than a plain water rinse after it’s been used. 
Happy composting 🙂

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