Bokashi off gassing, but not smelly

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Shelly W asked 2 years ago

I am completely new to Bokashi, so I’m thankful to see others are having this result since I haven’t seen it mentioned on any websites/videos/etc that I\’ve studied. I live in Minnesota (still waiting for my soil to be workable outside and snow to be gone) so had been storing my food waste in the freezer until closer to when I could hopefully access my garden space when the Bokashi would be ready. The food waste had mostly thawed out (some was still cold, but not frozen, so figured it would come to room temp and then the process could begin). The day after I received my bran from you I went to work layering 1-2 inches at most of food, packing it down to get as much air out as possible per another video I had watched, and sprinkled 2 Tbsp+ on each layer. I had enough waste to fill my 5 gallon bucket completely. I\’m now 4 days into my process and even a day or 2 ago I had bulging in my bucket from off-gassing. The contents do not smell badly at all; there is a pickley smell from the tea that we\’ve been removing from the bucket so I don\’t think that things are putrifying??? I\’m just wondering if I need to mix this up as was suggested above, if I should leave it alone because nothing smells badly at all (I smell potato scraps 🙂 ), or if I need to count it a complete loss and start over? Thank you so much!

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

It sounds like you have done everything properly, and there is nothing to be concerned about.  The only sign of things going wrong will be if you see dark color molds occurring (green, blue, black).  These are signs that rotting is happening, instead of fermenting.  You will rarely see this, provided that your bokashi bran is still viable and you fill the bin as you have been doing.

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