Bokashi liquid molding

Naomi Brierley asked 2 years ago

Hi, my bokashi compost seems to be doing well, except for the fact that it has a white slimy mold. I’ve read that white mold is okay, but mine looks different than anything I’ve seen online. It is very liquidy and because of this, has started releasing a white mold into the bokashi tea liquid as well as in the food scraps. When I look at the liquid, it’s formed a thin layer of mold floating on top. For the most part it smells normal, the sweet and sour smell I’ve heard described. If anything it smells more sweet than sour. Is this normal, or is there anything I can do to prevent it?

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Nick Kiss answered 2 years ago

Not to worry, this is fine and normal!  The white mold is healthy, and you will see it in varying amounts from time to time depending on what’s in the bin, the conditions around it, and how often the lid is opened and closed.  The only time to be concerned is when you see dark color molds (blue, green and black) as these are signs of rotting.  You will very seldom if ever see this however, as the bokashi microbes outcompete the rotting microbes very effectively.

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