Bokashi bran as soil enhancer

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Rosanne asked 9 months ago
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Nicki Casley Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Rosanne,

Thanks for your question. We would recommend adding bokashi bran a few times during the season (particularly if your soil is poor and/or heavily cropped). You can simply add it as a top dressing, mix it through the soil or add to the bottom of holes when you are planting. Any way to get the beneficial microbes into your soil will work and your plants and garden will thank you 🙂 And remember, you can’t add too much bokashi bran.

Nicki (Bokashi Living) answered 8 months ago

The bokashi pre-compost is acidic and so, yes, it should go some way to neutralise cremation ashes. Add them to the hole when burying your Bokashi pre- compost.

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