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Joe asked 3 years ago

I’m worried composting will attract rats & roaches. Does it? If not, why? If so, anyway to prevent it?

I live in a city near a bar strip, so the pests are around. I’d like to compost but I worry about giving them an incentive to come to my house.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the question. Bokashi composting is popular in urban areas and we have lots of successful urban bokashi customers. Bokashi composting has a number of advantages that work to deter pests, in comparison to traditional composting.

Firstly, bokashi uses microbes to ferment your food waste. This pickled food waste is not attractive to pests, meaning that it can be safely buried directly in your garden or compost pile.

Secondly, the whole process is very quick. Unlike traditional composting, where food waste may sit for up to a year before fully composting, the fermented bokashi food waste can break down in your soil is as little as two weeks.

Finally, the bokashi composting does not generate heat, like traditional hot composting. Often times it is the heat of a traditional compost pile that attracts pests to set up home in them. Instead, the fermented food waste is broken down by the life in the soil.

From time to time, an inquisitive pest may find your freshly buried bokashi compost. However, a few simple deterrents, such as a net over the buried bokashi, are typically all that is needed to encourage the pests to move on elsewhere. More information here:

Help! Animals are digging up my bokashi!

Happy composting 🙂

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