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RC asked 3 years ago

I asked about how much lime to add to the bokashi compost to bring the acidity down before I add it to my worm bin and the answer I received was that I do not need to add lime to it and a link to an article that I had already read which does mention adding lime to the compost in the tips, but it never states how much to add:

“Adding bokashi will increase the acidity of your worm bin over time. Even if your worms get used to the bokashi food waste, they won’t thrive in an increasingly acidic environment. Add material to neutralize the acidity, such as lime.”

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 3 years ago

Sorry for the confusion. You do not need to add lime when you are adding your bokashi pre-compost to your wormery. However, over time, if you notice that your worm bin is becoming too acidic then you may wish to add lime or crushed eggshells to your bin. Take a look at this article for managing pH in your worm bin (
Hope that helps.

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