6 months of no opening, no draining the tea – smells like baby poop

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Heide Turner asked 4 years ago

Hello from Northern China!

A few days ago, I inherited a half-full bokashi bucket from a friend who’d been out of town for several months.  Needless to say, the odor is pretty foul.  I’ve watched the videos, and read several of the FAQs, but I haven’t found the answer I’m looking for.

I drained about 15+ ounces of tea, diluted it according to the instructions, and used it on my houseplants.  Now I’m concerned that it may have actually been rotten, and I’m worried it will harm my plants.  Again, the odor was like a healthy-smelling baby poo.  Lots of poo.  

Should I shower my plants with fresh water to ensure their continued aliveness . . . I rather like them being alive and all.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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nick kiss answered 4 years ago

After 6 months, the bokashi microbes will have likely exhausted their food source within the bin.  As a result, they will likely have died off and the bokashi compost will begin to rot, and the liquid will go foul also.
Your plants will very quickly tell you if they are happy or not with it.  If they show that they are unhappy, or your are unsure, then best to flush the soil out with water.  Use double the amount of water as soil in the container, and this will be enough to flush the soil out.

Heide Turner answered 4 years ago

Wow!  Thank you for responding so quickly!! 

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