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How to know when the bokashi pre-compost can be buried

Common questions we get asked are “how long should I leave my bokashi bucket” and “how do you know when your bokashi pre-compost is ready to be buried”?

We recommend leaving your bokashi bucket for at least 2 weeks to complete the bokashi fermentation process. This simply means that, after you have added the final layer of food waste and bokashi bran, seal the lid and leave the bucket for two weeks. Depending on how long it has taken to fill the bucket, the material at the bottom will obviously have sat for longer than two weeks.

You can leave your bin longer than 2 weeks to ferment. Longer is often better, especially if you have added harder to compost food items such as bones, raw meat, and cooked food.

TIP: Remember to drain the bokashi tea every few days. Too much liquid in the bottom of the bucket can cause the contents to get too wet and start to smell.

Do I have to wait for white mold before burying?

Bokashi bucket ready to be buried
A bokashi bucket that is ready to be buried

No! Some companies suggest that the bokashi pre-compost is ready to bury when you see white mold on the surface. However, this white mold will not always form. It is actually a sign that the bin is not completely airtight; often caused by a cheaper, ill-fitting lid. Many times you will not see any white mold with our fully airtight bokashi buckets.

Read more about mold in your bokashi bucket.

Can I leave the bokashi bucket for longer than 2 weeks?

Absolutely! Once the fermentation process has completed, the bokashi microbes will simply go dormant. The well sealed bin can be left for months, likely years, before being added to your garden or compost pile.

Again, remember to keep draining any bokashi tea so that the contents don’t get too wet and start to smell.

Do I have to fill my bokashi bucket?

No. The bokashi composting process will work on any scale. Most households take around 2 weeks to fill a bokashi bucket. This means that a 2 bin system works well; the first bucket can sit for 2 weeks while the second bucket is being filled etc. However, it’s fine if your household doesn’t produce much food waste, and it takes longer than 2 weeks to fill the bokashi bucket. You can choose to either seal the partially full bin after 2 weeks or wait until you have filled the full bin. Either way, you should then leave the bin for 2 weeks after sealing before burying it.

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2 responses to “How to know when the bokashi pre-compost can be buried”

  1. Julie says:

    After my bokashi compost has processed in the soil factory for two weeks (or more) can I add more bokashi ferment? Or do I need to empty the soil factory and start over?

    • Nicki Casley says:

      Thanks for the question. You can keep adding more bokashi pre-compost when your first batch has broken down. But remember, if you want to harvest any of the compost, you will need to wait 2 weeks from the last time you added the bokashi pre-compost.
      Happy composting 🙂

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