Help! Animals are digging up my bokashi!


Raccoons, rats and other pests are notoriously inquisitive animals. They seem to be able to get into everything! I’m sure most of us have woken up to our garbage strewn around the yard thanks to a local family of raccoons. It is therefore possible that once in a while one of these inquisitive scavengers will chance upon your freshly buried bokashi pre-compost. By following our few simple steps you can help to prevent them becoming regular visitors.

 Ways to prevent rats, raccoons and other pests

  1. Let the pre-compost ferment in the kitchen composter for an additional week before transplanting to the garden or compost heap. This will ensure complete fermentation.
  2. Chop your food scraps smaller (smaller items ferment faster and easier).
  3. Bury the pre-compost deeper. At a minimum, for rodent protection the pre-compost should be buried 6 inches below the surface. At that depth, the smell should not be inviting to them.  Bury deeper if you have particularly aggressive rodents.
  4. Try placing a piece of netting on top of the soil where the pre-compost is buried. You can secure the corners of the netting with stones.
  5. Place a few sprigs of holly (or similarly spiky plant) on top of the soil where the bokashi is buried. The animals won’t like to spike their noses or paws and will soon move on.
  6. Remember that once an animal realizes that bokashi pre-compost is not easily available to them as a food source, they will move on.

Animals have dug up my bokashi compost. What should I do?

If the raccoons, rats or other pests have dug up your bokashi food scraps, don’t despair. Dig a new trench and bury the pre-compost and soil mixture. Make sure to cover the new trench with at least 6 inches of soil. We would suggest also covering the area with netting to discourage animals.

Bury your next bokashi pre-compost in a different location, if possible. Once pests and scavengers have found a food source they will return for a few nights to investigate it. If they don’t find anything for a few nights then they will move on and are less likely to disturb your next batch of buried bokashi pre-compost.

Most importantly, don’t despair! Wildlife is a common challenge with any gardening project. Don’t give up!

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