Answer for Problem with curing of precompost

Hi Mrudula,

Thanks for your question. High humidity will cause your bokashi set-up (often referred to as a soil factory) to fail, as the moisture often kills a lot of the life in your soil. Here are a couple of suggestions to overcome this problem:

1. Make sure there are plenty of drainage holes in the bottom of your plastic drum to let any water drain from the bottom of your soil factory.
2. Add a few layers of ripped up newspaper to the bottom and top of your soil factory to absorb some of the excess moisture.
3. Make sure you are using high quality soil with lots of life, in your bokashi soil factory. This will speed up the rate at which the bokashi pre-compost breaks down. You could save some of the bokashi compost from a successful soil factory to start another one.
4. Try moving your bokashi soil factory indoors where the humidity is lower, if possible.
5. Try mixing some sand into the soil factory. This will improve drainage and help to reduce moisture in the compost.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
Happy composting,
The Bokashi Living team