Creative uses for your reusable produce bags

Buy less! Decluttering! Minimal living!…. Sounds great; I’m in!! But how do we really achieve this?! Here are a couple of easy starting points to remember:

  • Buy quality, versatile products;
  • Then, have fun thinking of new and creative uses for these items.

I’m sure everyone has those items in their houses that have lived many lives. For me, my reusable produce bags are one of these such items and have taken on many guises. I have them stowed away in my handbag, my kitchen drawers, my gardening bag and my car…. just in case they might be useful. Many of us have to realize items and products can have multiple uses depending on the situation and the item, take this conex container for example – it could be used as a minimal living area that’s transportable, or a play area in the garden for your children, or even turn it into a custom greenhouse, plus many more, you just have to let your mind run wild.

6 uses for your produce bags

Most people buy reusable produce bags for shopping and storage of fruits and vegetables. However, the versatility of these bags means they are great for many other jobs too. Here are my top 6 uses for my reusable produce bags.

1. Harvest from the garden or allotment

At this time of year, I always carry a produce bag or two in my pocket when I head out the the vegetable patch. Re-usable produce bags make a great container for pretty much any fruit or vegetable that you may be harvesting. They are easy to carry home and can be placed straight into the fridge. No need to double handle delicate produce. The bags can be easily thrown in the washing machine after use to remove mud etc.

2. Bulk shopping

Our re-usable produce bags make a great alternative to the single-use plastic bags next to the bulk bins. They weigh very little so no need to worry about taring your containers. You can even use them to store the items when you get home. Simple steps to save even more plastic bags.

And why not go one step further and save the twisty tie tags too. Bring a washable marker with you to the store and you can write the bin number straight onto the reusable bag. When you’re done you can wash the bag and it will remove the number.

3. Lunch and snack bags

Our re-usable produce bags are great for storing fruit, veggies, crackers and other snacks. They are easy to carry and easy to wash. Eliminate more single use bags and save yourself having to carry around large, heavy re-usable containers. Once snack time is finished you can simply stuff your re-usable bag into a pocket or bag.

4. Food waste for your bokashi bucket

Since starting to use bokashi composting in my home, I have really learnt the value of my food waste. I don’t like to see any food scraps go to waste. I often use my produce bags to bring home banana peels, apple cores etc so that I can add them to my bokashi bucket. I’ve even been known to gather food scraps from friends to bring back to my bokashi bucket!

5. Travelling

Re-usable produce bags are great for storing those little bits and pieces that always disappear to the bottom of your bag or suitcase when travelling. Toiletries, make-up, valuables, jewelry etc.

6. Drying herbs

HerbsOur re-usable produce bags are made of fine mesh which allows air and moisture to travel through reducing the chances of mold. Simply hang your herbs (or flowers) in the bag and hang your reusable bag in a well ventilated and sunny spot. Mess free; any leaves and petals which fall off will just be caught in the bag!

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