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Composting without pests

Are you sick of battling rodents and other pests in your compost bin? Discover a new way to compost using the bokashi system.

Rats, racoons, mice, flies and other pests in your compost bin?


Many people may have given up on home composting after (unsuccessfully) battling with pests. Rats, raccoons, flies, mice, and even bears can cause havoc with a compost pile and are not welcome visitors to most gardens.

The solution…. bokashi composting!

Adding food waste to bokashi composter

Bokashi is a genuine fix to this problem. The bokashi composting process allows you to compost all of your food waste without the worry of attracting pests. You can put all your meat, dairy and cooked food waste into your bokashi kitchen composter without experiencing pest problems.

The bokashi process ferments (or pickles) your food scraps using a unique blend of bacteria. When these bacteria mix with your food scraps in an anaerobic environment, your food waste is broken down into amazing compost and fertilizing tea in just 4-6 weeks.

Traditional compost piles rely on your food scraps rotting over time and can take around a year to convert your food scraps into usable compost. This gives local wildlife plenty of time to find your compost pile and identify it as a great source of regular food! Adding meat, cooked food, egg shells, dairy and bread to your compost pile is just asking for disaster.

The sweet, pickled smell of the bokashi pre-compost can be safely buried in your garden or containers without attracting any pests. It really is that simple. Want to get rid of pests in your compost heap? The answer is simple; ditch the compost heap and put all of your food scraps in a bokashi kitchen composter.

No more fruit fly swarms!

The sweet smelling bokashi pre-compost won’t even attract flies. So you can get back to enjoying your garden in peace! Fruit fly swarms in your kitchen can also be a thing of the past. We recommend to keep your bokashi kitchen composter in your kitchen, where your food waste is collected. This way you can easily empty and wash your food collection container into your bokashi bucket every day. OK, you may see a couple of fruit flies during the day. But by clearing the supply of food each evening they’ll just move on elsewhere!

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3 responses to “Composting without pests”

  1. Eline says:

    Hi! A month ago I made a soil factory and put it in the greenhouse. Unfortunately a mouse found out about it and has been burrowing into the bucket. The bokashi was layered like a lasagna – soil, bokashi, soil, bokashi, finishing with a 10 cm layer of soil. Any tips of what I should have done differently?

    • Nicki Casley says:

      Thanks for the question. When adding the bokashi pre-compost, make sure to mix it well with the soil before adding the final layer of soil. Mixing the pre-compost will break down any large pieces and helps to speed up the assimilation in to the soil.

      A great way to deter mice is to add something spiky either around the bottom of the soil factory or on the surface of the soil. Spiky holly works particularly well. The mice spike their noses on the holly and will choose to find somewhere else warm and dry.

      Your soil factory is not lost though. Give it a thorough mix through and add a fresh 6 inches of soil on the top. Add something spiky to the top and leave it to finish composting.

      Happy composting 🙂

      • Eline says:

        Thanks a lot! I will try this. I like the holly solution – not harming the mouse, but only gently telling it he/she has to move on 🙂

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