Bokashi workshops

Our team has been busy over the summer spreading the word about bokashi. Bokashi composting is a perfect solution for so many people who are trying to reduce their waste, improve the quality of their soils or are getting frustrating results from their composting.

Community events

Maybe you’ve already seen our booth at events throughout Vancouver this summer. If not, there are still chances to come and ask us your bokashi-related questions. Our next informational event will be at the Coho Festival in West Vancouver on September 13th. We also have a couple more events in the pipeline… watch this space. Please drop by and say hello; we would love to hear how you are getting on with bokashi.

Bokashi workshops

We love to have any excuse to talk about bokashi and inspire people to start their own bokashi system at home, in the office and more! Our workshops are great for those who want to learn more about bokashi and find out how to get started. Our workshops are informal and are a perfect forum for asking all of your bokashi questions.

Contact us to arrange a workshop.

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