What is bokashi composting?

Bokashi composting is a process of fermentation that quickly and easily converts food waste into highly productive compost. It is rapidly becoming many gardeners favored approach to building healthy and productive soils. The key to the bokashi process is fermentation. Through fermentation, bokashi composting generates garden friendly microbes, yeast and fungi. These microorganisms are vital building blocks of a healthy and productive soil structure.

Bokashi composting eliminates many of the challenges associated with 'traditional' composting. Also, the majority of the process is completed conveniently right in one's own kitchen. While traditional back-yard composting works on select food scraps only, bokashi composting works on ALL food scraps. Cooked foods, dairy, meat, grains, pasta, fruits and veggies, the lot of it. This is key to its popularity. 

It's so simple!  Transform ALL of your food scraps to compost in just 4-6 weeks in four easy steps. Find out more.

Why choose bokashi composting?

Really, it's all about the microbes.  Science shows that the primary building blocks of all life begins with healthy, and diverse, microbial activity.  Just as microbes play an essential part in our own body's health, microbes also play an important part in the health of our soil and gardens.  Simply put, plants thrive when the soil is full of beneficial microorganisms.  And adding quality compost to the soil is the only way to get that.

Composting is, fundamentally, all about successfully harvesting microbes. These microbes multiply on the organic matter we supply for them, and ultimately end up in our garden soil where they produce wonderful results. For homeowners, food waste is the cream of the crop for feeding these microbes. It has a much higher value for building healthy, bio-diverse soils than general yard trimmings.

Bokashi compost is richer in effective microorganisms than any other form of compost!

So stop giving your valuable food waste to the city's curbside green bin. Let your garden benefit from it, and take another step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Visit our online shop to get started, or discover more about bokashi composting here.

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I’ve been bokashi composting with the Bokashi Living starter kit for a year. You’ve been most helpful and my veggie garden is truly looking the best I’ve ever seen it.

Peter L, Vancouver

I have to pay for my trash collection.  I like a zero waste lifestyle because it is free and the right thing to do.  Bokashi composting is my biggest step towards zero waste.

Olivia Friesen, Illinois

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nick kiss

nick kiss


Mix 1 part mad scientist, 2 parts avid gardener, stir in a lug of concern for the environment, and you have NickNick‘s passion for all things green and growing,  combined with 14 years of management experience in the waste
and recycling industry, put him at the forefront of the green revolution. Nick can be contacted for all things bokashi related;  and he would appreciate suggestions for peacefully keeping the resident racoon out of his garden.

george jasper

george jasper


Recycling guru, outdoor enthusiast, urban farmer in training, lover of coffee and father of a 14-year old daughter. George has spent the last 15 years in the waste and recycling industry developing zero-waste programs for both the private and public sector and has seen first-hand the valuable resources that can be diverted from the landfill. “Our landfills are above ground mines filling up with un-tapped resources ” He has lived several years in Japan, most recently at an organic farm where he learnt about the benefits of bokashi for soil building and organic farming.

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nicki casley


Nicki is a proud Mum to three energetic girls. She has over 13 years of experience working in sustainability but has been a tree-hugger at heart for far longer than that. Bokashi Living gives Nicki another excuse to get her hands dirty in the sunshine (or rain) and share her passion about all things sustainable…. under the guise of ‘work’!