What to do with compost in the winter

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K williamson asked 2 weeks ago

I’ve never composted before. I am wondering what to do with compost in the winter. Could I throw it into a large pail outside until spring? I am not going to be using my compost myself, but will be giving it to my family to use.

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Nicki Casley Staff answered 2 weeks ago


Thanks for the question. That’s great to hear that others are going to benefit from your bokashi compost 🙂

You have four options for what to do with your bokashi compost in the winter:

1. If the ground isn’t frozen, then you can continue to bury the bokashi pre-compost as you would normally.

2. Alternatively you can add directly to a compost pile.

3. If your ground is frozen then you could make a soil factory (read more here: http://bokashiliving.com/make-simple-soil-factory/)

4. Finally, you can do as you suggest and simply store the bokashi’d food waste until the soil thaws in the spring.

There is lots more information in this blog post (Winter composting: Getting the most from your bokashi composter – http://bokashiliving.com/composting-in-the-cold-and-snow/)

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
Nicki and the Bokashi Living team

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