More than just ‘bokashi bran’

Each bag of bokashi bran (or compost accelerator) contains literally billions of beneficial microbes. We use high quality ingredients and extra-strength EM formula for all of our bokashi bran. This ensures that it works wonders in your bokashi kitchen composter to turn food scraps into great compost for your gardens. But did you know that all those bokashi microbes can be used for much more than just bokashi composting?

What else can you do with your bokashi bran?

Compost accelerator

Firstly, as the name of our bokashi bran suggests, it acts as a great addition to your compost pile. Add a handful or two of bokashi bran into the middle of your compost pile and you will be amazed by the results. All those billions of microbes will love breaking down the organic matter in your compost pile. This boost can be particularly helpful in the colder months when compost piles tend to slow down. If you add your bokashi pre-compost to your compost pile you may already have noticed an improvement in the rate at which everything breaks down.

Remember that the bokashi microbes thrive in anaerobic conditions. Make sure to leave the bokashi bran buried in the middle of your compost pile (away from the air) for at least 4 or 5 days. This allows the bokashi microbes to thrive and do their work.

Soil enhancer

The microbes in bokashi bran make an excellent foundation for building healthy and productive soils. Soils need to be full of healthy, thriving microbes to support plant growth. Without this combination of microbes, bacteria and fungi soils are simply … well, dirt.

Bokashi bran can be added directly to your soil to boost the microbial life in it. Bokashi bran can be added along with any other organic soil amendments and will, in fact, enhance the effectiveness of other amendments by helping to break down the organic material and making more easily uptaken by your plants.

Did you know that potting compost is often sterilized before being bagged and shipped? Whilst potting compost is full of great nutrients and organic matter it can often be lacking in microbes and other living organisms. Adding a handful of bokashi bran to your potting compost will reintroduce these essential microbes. Adding approximately 1 cup of bokashi bran for every cubic foot of potting soil works well. Your seedlings will love the extra addition!

Kitty litter odor control

By simply adding a handful of bokashi bran to your kitty litter tray each week you will experience a great reduction in odors from the litter.

Musty/ rodent smells

Do you have an area of your garden that has that musty smell suggesting that mice and rats are frequent visitors? Maybe you have a dry space under your house or shed, or a quiet spot at the back of your yard. Sprinkle a few handfuls of bokashi bran in the area once a week and your will be amazed by the difference it can make. The bokashi bran is completely harmless to local wildlife but will do wonders to eradicate the unpleasant odors associated with them.

Animal housing

Animal housing (chicken coops, rabbit hutches etc) can build up high levels of waste and ammonia. Even when they are cleaned out regularly. Mix in a handful or two of bokashi bran with your animal bedding and enjoy a significant reduction in odors.

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