Improve your soil without a compost pile

With Christmas and New Year behind us, its time to start looking forward to spring and the joy of watching your garden thrive and bloom. New growth, flowers, fruits and vegetables all need nutrients from the soil. Now is a great time to make sure that you have high quality soil in your garden.

Improving your soil

The best way of adding nutrients and organic matter to your soil is by liberally adding compost throughout the year. To make your own compost you need a large garden and a lot of patience… right? Wrong! Bokashi allows you to compost all of your food scraps quickly and easily. The food scraps can be added directly to your soil where it is needed, eliminating the need for a compost pile in your garden.

Learn more about bokashi

If you are not familiar with the bokashi composting process, you will find loads of useful information on this website. A great place to start is with our simple videos.

Planning your 2016 garden

For those familiar with the bokashi composting process, now is a great time to think about planning your 2016 garden. If you are thinking about what plants you will be growing, you also need to be thinking about what they will be growing in and be planning how to maintain and improve your soil.

Here are a few tops tips to help you get the most out of your bokashi pre-compost in 2016:

  • Make the most of the next few weeks. If you don’t already have a bokashi composter now is the perfect time to get one. Our bokashi compost starter kits include everything you need to successfully bokashi compost in your home. If you already have bokashi composting set up at home, make sure that you are adding your pre-compost where it will be needed most over the season; likely your vegetable garden.
  • Think about where you will be planting or sowing first and add your bokashi pre-compost there first. Remember that you need to leave the buried bokashi pre-compost for at least 2 weeks before planting or sowing on top.
  • Plan your compost additions with crops. If you are growing vegetables, plan to add bokashi pre-compost to your soil after harvesting each crop. This is a great time to add pre-compost as your soil will have been depleted of nutrients from the removal of the vegetable crop, plus the soil will be bare and you can add pre-compost without disturbing plants.
  • Build a soil factory. Having a soil factory in your garden is a perfect place to put your pre-compost when your soil is covered with plants. It also is a great go-to place for compost throughout the year. How to make a simple soil factory.

However you do it, make sure to add as much high quality compost to your garden as possible. You will be thrilled with the results.


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